FileBound Delivers Results

FileBound eliminates the cost and hassles of managing documents by improving the way you find, share, process, and secure them.

With FileBound, you can scan all of your paper documents using your copier or dedicated scanner and save all of your digital documents like Word, Excel, or E-mails. Finding any document is as easy as a simple web search.

With FileBound, any document you need is available anytime, anywhere eliminating the time wasted looking for documents that are lost or are being used by someone else. Documents are always available when you need them which allows your staff to get more work done.

When you automate your business processes with FileBound, you save time and money allowing you to be more successful and provide better service.

Delivery Flexibility to Meet Your Needs:

FileBound is designed to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes. We offer three solutions to meet your specific needs:

  • FileBound® On-Site™ meets the needs of organizations that manage their own IT infrastructure and require a robust highly secured solution.
  • FileBound® On-Demand™ provides a solution for those that seek an outsourced cloud-based solution for scalability, convenience, and cost controls.
  • FileBound® Express™ is the ideal fit for medium to small organizations that prefer an on-site implementation and the convenience of a plug and play network appliance solution.
FileBound On-Site on demand FileBound Express
FileBound On-Site FileBound On-Demand FileBound Express
A full-featured solution deployed locally on your in-house IT infrastructure. Designed to deliver the highest level of security and performance. A full-featured outsourced cloud-based solution designed to provide quick deployment, scalability, and convenience. A plug and play network appliance that delivers instant productivity without the technical requirements.


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