South African courier chooses FileBound

CCD Couriers located in Fourways, South Africa, is one of the premier courier providers in the country. With over 600 employees, they provide services to a majority of the banking institutions within South Africa.

CCD came to FileBound Africa looking for an upgrade to their existing document imaging system. This system had become obsolete and they were experiencing a difficult time maintaining it without adequate support from the original provider. Also, the speed at which documents were able to be input into the system and the efficiency of retrieval was no longer meeting their needs.

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GE – Aviation Provides Customer Service Worldwide with FileBound

As the world's foremost supplier of aviation services, GE-Aviation provides jet parts and service to customers around the globe. Customers need access to records relating to specific aircraft engines anytime from anywhere.

A secondary challenge was that GE – Aviation had not allocated capital funding for providing this type of continuous access. The challenge was to find the right solution while staying within budget.

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School District Provides Instant Access & Secures Vital Records with FileBound

Coolidge Independent School District (ISD) had a storeroom overflowing with student records dating back to the 1920s. Many of these records, which in some cases are also the only record of a person's birth, were rapidly deteriorating.

In addition, the storeroom was the repository for the district's board meeting minutes, human resources records, payroll, and tax roll records. As the years passed, not only was it difficult and time-consuming to locate a specific record in the storage space, but it was also becoming a fire hazard.

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Health Care Organization Automates Contract Management with FileBound

Over the years, Trinity had acquired a large number of contracts with physicians, vendors, partners, real-estate groups and other entities and was having trouble managing them.

Contracts were too often missing, incomplete, in-actionable and renewing automatically without the group having the opportunity to renegotiate terms. There was both a need and a strong desire throughout the organization to have these contracts managed more efficiently through automation.

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Court Streamlines Records Management with FileBound

Guernsey County Court of Common Pleas had a records system that was a combination of paper-based records and other records that were stored in another system. When a record needed to be located, the employees had to search both paper and the imaging system, requiring significant time and effort.

The county needed a simplified solution that encompassed all legal records filed within the Guernsey County Common Pleas Court as well as all motor vehicle and watercraft titles filed in Guernsey County through the Auto Title Department.

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On-Demand Service Solves Patient Intake & EOB Challengs for Regional Health Center

To determine eligibility for treatment at Kossuth Regional Health Center, staff is required to gather social, medical and psychological information on prospective patients.

It was difficult to assemble all the required patient information and maintain it in one location that was easily accessible to all authorized to use it. Handling the slow, manual preparation and storage of Explanation of Benefit (EOB) forms was another challenge that slowed responsiveness to requests for documentation of benefits.

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